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Suing a Georgia governmental or quasi-governmental entity can be daunting for the most seasoned attorneys. Attorneys often treat lawsuits against government defendants like insurance companies. This is a mistake because without understanding the immunities and protections set forth in the Georgia Constitution and by the Georgia General Assembly, a client’s chances for recovery are diminished or even barred. Additionally, different standards of care apply to government entities and must be understood to successfully investigate and develop causes of action against government entities. The Eisenberg Firm specializes in complex government cases and will maximize the value of your client’s claims.

The Eisenberg Firm consults and associates with other attorneys throughout Georgia to facilitate their success. We offer flexible arrangements that fit the particular circumstances of each case and offer generous fee sharing engagements depending on the relationship sought by you or your firm. We proudly serve in a variety of legal support capacities and value each relationship with the utmost respect and integrity – especially your relationship with your client.

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