Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Eisenberg Firm represents victims of motor vehicle accidents – which includes trucking, bus, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents. It’s no secret in Georgia that drivers get distracted and fail to pay attention for other drivers. The City of Atlanta is routinely ranked as one of the worst cities for traffic in the United States. Drivers can be impatient and neglectful in following the rules of the road.

There are limited circumstances where emergency responders are allowed to deviate from the Georgia rules of the road. But these circumstances are limited, and state and local motor vehicle vehicle accidents cause serious, life-altering injuries. High-speed police pursuits are especially likely to cause traumatic injuries to innocent bystanders, and Georgia governments are liable if these police pursuits are initiated or continued under unsafe conditions. The Eisenberg Firm understands that the legal duties governing police, fire and other government workers are different from other drivers, and this invaluable experience will help you get full financial compensation.

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