Premises Liability

Premise liability law in Georgia covers a broad range of claims against landowners. These claims arise from injuries caused by hazardous conditions existing on property owned or occupied by another person or entity. These cases are won by proving the property owner’s knowledge of the hazard and their failure to warn or fix the dangerous condition.

In the government context, it is often difficult to determine which government entity is responsible for a particular hazardous condition because geographical boundaries overlap. After determining the property owner responsible, state and local governments have varying duties to keep their premises safe for the public. Additionally, a government’s statutory duties to maintain the public rights of way do not relieve a private landowner’s responsibilities for maintaining a safe premises. Premises liability cases involving state and local governments are more complex cases, and inexperienced attorneys often fail to investigate and litigate these claims properly. This lack of experience results in a lower settlement or worse, zero compensation. The specialists at The Eisenberg Firm will not let that happen to your case.

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