Suing the Government

If you are injured by a negligent government employee, is the government liable?  There are specific laws that dictate when the government can be sued, and if so, for how much money. The Eisenberg Firm specializes in government liability law and understands how to protect a client's rights in cases against the state, counties, or cities in Georgia.

State Government

The Georgia Constitution grants the state and all its departments and agencies sovereign immunity. In Georgia, sovereign immunity is defined as a legal protection that prohibits an agency of the government from being sued without their consent...

County Government

The Georgia Constitution grants counties sovereign immunity, and therefore a Georgia county can be sued only with proof of a waiver of sovereign immunity. The waivers provided in the GTCA do not apply to counties...

City Government

O.C.G.A. §36-33-1(a), in conjunction with the Georgia Constitution, establishes that it is the public policy of the State of Georgia that there is no waiver of the sovereign immunity of municipal corporations...

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